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Over the next twelve months this blog will document the recording of CASAMENA's latest project, a hip-hop, bata exploration with Michael Spiro and your blog keeper, Carlos Mena. I've recently decided to include all things CASAMENA here as well so you'll read about other projects as well.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Yoruba Heavy 2
Y'all know I be DJing right? Here's one of my mixes, this one has a bunch of Yoruba Records and Osunlade work in it, including one my remixes for a Yoruba release coming next month. Enjoy.
Yoruba Heavy 2, a live house music set

Tracks with * are on Yoruba Records or Yoruba related

1. Goldilocks - Beady Belle
2. Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser - Nomumbah *
3. Samba (Scat Dub) - Faze Action
4. Carib's Leap (Vocal Mix) - Ian Friday
5. Caridad - TainoLeĆ³n (CASAMENA Living Room Remix) *
6. El Musica (Strauss Physical dub) MAIN MIX - KB *
7. 4.y.v. (featuring abdul shyllon) - mark de clive-lowe
8. Yemaya (Yoruba Soul Remix) - Sin Palabras *
9. Breath Away (Hi Rmx) - Nadirah Shakoor *
10. Coro - Kerri Chandler
11. New York House (Vocal) - Marlon D feat. Stephanie Renee
12. Bar A Thym - Kerri Chandler
13. El Uno - Aklimatize
14. Gwotet (Yoruba Soul) - Dave Murray ft. Pharaoh Sanders *
15. The time is now - MAW featuring Wunmi / Nigeria Dub
16. Orixas - Dennis Ferrer
17. sandcastles (pete heller filtered re-edit) - dennis ferrer & jerome sydenham


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