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Over the next twelve months this blog will document the recording of CASAMENA's latest project, a hip-hop, bata exploration with Michael Spiro and your blog keeper, Carlos Mena. I've recently decided to include all things CASAMENA here as well so you'll read about other projects as well.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Beats, beats, and more beats
Michael and I started matching up drum patters yesterday with bata tracks. We even started arranging some of the tunes, and making decisions on instrumentation... progress is being made! Now I have to find the right kicks and snare sounds.

I am also in the process of moving from a Windows PC-based studio running Cubase and Acid, to an Mac-based studio running Logic and Ableton Live. I am guessing it will take me a solid month to get cofortable with the new environment and truly be productive again, which I need to be. I have a remix I need to finish for Osunlade, and one for Julie Dexter... so I am hoping this switch to the Mac will not be to difficult.

- Fero-Navi(MC/Producer) is in town, so I am hoping I can focus on writing lyrics for "los carniceros" project (think beatnuts/eminem/neptunes, but in spanish). The beats are fire, so this should not be a problem.

- Ole girl's "comming soon" page should be up in the next day or two, so folks can sign her mailing list and know when her site launches. Which reminds me I am so far behind on contracts, I need to get on that ASAP.

Oh yeah I'll be spinnin at PST (Pacific Standard Time) on Thursday May, 26th in SF. For those of you that didn't know that I also DJ... I was on the radio mixing for 6 years and been djing in clubs since 84, yup 21 years! I will be breaking in my Serato Scratch Live setup which will be interesting.

Keep coming back, cause the official word will be heard hear first.