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Over the next twelve months this blog will document the recording of CASAMENA's latest project, a hip-hop, bata exploration with Michael Spiro and your blog keeper, Carlos Mena. I've recently decided to include all things CASAMENA here as well so you'll read about other projects as well.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Update time...

I finished a track for KUKU, dope singer outta the DC area. Also did a deep, moody house thing for Tamara Wellons. Osunlade did a nice soul joint for her as well. Wrote the first song for my upcoming EP for Yoruba Records yesterday. Recording more Carniceros songs this weekend and will be recording Vinia joints for her debut for 2 days next week... life is good.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Stevie Wonder "For Your Love" (CASAMENA Living Room Remix)
I humbly submit my attempt to make this classic song, more "dancefloor friendly". Enjoy.

This will probably be the last of these remixes for a while, as I have too much work on my plate which I need to get to. A list of projects I am currently working on can be found on my MYSPACE page. For frequent updates, stay tuned to this blog.

Carlos Mena