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Over the next twelve months this blog will document the recording of CASAMENA's latest project, a hip-hop, bata exploration with Michael Spiro and your blog keeper, Carlos Mena. I've recently decided to include all things CASAMENA here as well so you'll read about other projects as well.

Monday, January 09, 2006

IRAWO Vol. 1 - CASAMENA Winter 2006 Mix

This mix features 4 upcoming releases from the CASA OCHA label, a joint venture between CASAMENA and Osunlade. It was really hard for me to narrow it down to these 12, and I left some really dope jams out, so I suspect there will be another mix shortly. Enjoy! (78.8 MB)

Set List

1. "Tambores Te Llaman" - Osunlade featuring Carlos Mena - CASA OCHA
2. "Puro" - Nomumbah - CASA OCHA
3. "Nkosasana" - Nomarema - Gotsoul
4. "You Ain't Really Down" - Status IV - Jazzanova Hey Baby Remix - Sonar Kollektiv
5. "Record's So" Frank-I CASAMENA Backyard Edit - CD-r
6. "Reflections (Jovonn's Raw Moov Dub)" - Jihad Muhammad - UK Basic
7. "Aganyu (Yoruba Soul Mix)" - Afro-Cuban Bata Experiment - CASA OCHA
8. "Oh Well (CASAMENA Basement Mix)" Tamara Wellons - CASA OCHA
9. "Free (Andre Torquato Remix)" - Stephanie Mills - CD-r
10. "Tres Notas en Amarillo (CASAMENA Living Room Remix)" - Omar Sosa - CD-r
11. "We Are Lonely (QH Fresh Fruit Dub)" - Studio Apt feat. Terrance Downs - King Street
12. "Breeze (Instrumental Mix)" - Marlon D vs Dennis Ferrer - City Deep