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Over the next twelve months this blog will document the recording of CASAMENA's latest project, a hip-hop, bata exploration with Michael Spiro and your blog keeper, Carlos Mena. I've recently decided to include all things CASAMENA here as well so you'll read about other projects as well.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Kanye West - Gold Digger (CASAMENA REMIX)

This definitely brought back memories of EPMD's joint from a lyrical content standpoint, ...anyway I was bored this morning, (even though I have way too much real work to do) but here is my remix, Bugz go Dancehall.... lol...
Kanye West - Gold Digger (CASAMENA Backyard Remix)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Common "Go" (Casamena Remix)

This time I thought I'd make a house remix, the bassline on this one is simple, but you won't be able to keep from bouncing to this one. Common - Go (CASAMENA "Basement" Remix)
The female vocal on here is a good friend, Suashia, who also appears on "Hip-Hop Meditations"

"Go" is my second Common remix, (I also remixed "The Corner") back in March, 2005.